Any questions? Check out our FAQ's or Contact Us for help with any of your Aktivo Tailgate Assist queries.

Is it easy to install?

Installation takes about 15 minutes, no drilling is required and precise instructions are included in each kit.

What do I need to install it?

Each vehicle requires slightly different tools for installation but most are found in the average tool kit.

Is there a warranty?

12 months warranty on faulty components relating to the part. Warranty does not cover incorrect fitting and/or mishandling or usage.

Will it void the warranty on my vehicle?


Do I need to make any modifications to my vehicle?

No modifications or drilling is required.

Which vehicles will it fit?

Currently Aktivo fits specific model years for Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi Triton and Mercedes-Benz X-Class. Check our online listings to see if your vehicle is onthere.

Do they require any maintenance or care?

The struts are a sealed unit and once fitted require no adjustment or maintenance.

Does it affect the load capacity of the tailgate?

No.It only affects how heavy the tailgate is to lift in that it makes it lighter and easier.

Where can I find instructions to fit?

These are provided in each kit and are also available in the ‘Fitting Instructions’ section of the website.

If I sell my vehicle can the tailgate be restored back to original?

The original parts can easily be refitted to return the tailgate back to standard.

What type of struts are used, hydraulic or gas?


The strut that allows the tailgate to drop slowly down is a hydraulic oil damper, that uses the displacement of oil to control the speed of movement of an internal piston.

The strut that allows the tailgate to be lifted up with one finger is gas cylinder, that has an internal piston in an unloaded state at rest that when loaded, the compression of nitrogen pushes the piston back to its original position.